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Feiyue Fy-03 Stunning and Furious Remote Control Car

Rc Car

Science has done wonders in technology and help humanity to live their live with ease. Here I am going to discuss RC cars as well as best RC Car named by Fy-03 by Feiyue. RC cars are specifically designed to perform heavy duty.


Now it’s time to talk about stunning and furious RC car. This Fy-03 is carefully designed by FEIYUE by keeping in view all you desired features. Radio controller frequency is 2.4Hz and incredibly contains 2 channels. Comes in two exciting colors including green and red. High temperature resistance feature save your car from high temperature. Have a look below to know more.


  • This RC car contains 390 brushed motor.
  • Amazingly great shock absorbers made up of semi plastic and metal.
  • Dimensions are about 28x19x10.5cm.
  • Diameter of tire is about 4.5cm.
  • This RC car is offering you wheel base of 18cm.
  • Stunning wheel gauge of 21cm.
  • Steering servo provides 1kg of torque force.
  • Battery is 7.4V 1500mAh large power-ion battery.
  • It will cover 80 meters of distance with remote controlling.
  • It takes 2.5 hours to charger its battery completely.
  • Good speed of 35km/h.
  • It provides protection to your heavy-duty RC car from low voltage.
  • You can use it for about 15 to 18 minutes, depends on the nature of the field.
  • It will cost 65.57$.


  • High quality plastic is resistant to rough and tough roads drive.
  • Tyres are perfectly bead locked.
  • Drive shaft tubes are telescopic as well as thick.
  • Tyres are good at providing gripping.


  • Issues in soft plastic material while assembling.
  • Over-heating of ESC will cause problems.


There are many RC cars available in market now. Have a look on its history but not in much deep way. RC cars came in to being after World war II when a remote controlling boat was being crashed. RC cars came into market and multiple changes were done to make it prefect day by day. If we see RC cars now-a-days, we will come across many things in it, just like improved transmitter which are compatible to send as well as receive signals in great and furious way.  2.4GHz transmission is being used by many companies in their RC cars, as they have lesser wavelength and helps in rapid transmission. RC cars have three important elements which are:

ESCs (electronic speed controller) have amazingly took the place of old resistors. And almost all modern RC cars have ESCs in them.


Summing up my article, I would say that FEIYUE FY-03 is the best one and top rated RC Car perfect for your child. On the other side, RC cars are making progress day by day.