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How Power Plants Manage Their Water Usage

Cooling Tower Blowdown Treatment

Every industry makes use of water and electricity. Water is the important source, which is integrated with different technologies in various power plants to produce sufficient amount of electricity that, meet the needs of industry. Yes, it is true that technologies have different impacts on the water resources. Mainly power plants make use of water in two ways; either water is withdrawn or consumed in any manner. Water withdrawal process is simple and straightforward, but in the water consumption process, water is lost to evaporation and used by the power plant.

Many power plants use cooling systems, which is often referred as closed loop systems, recirculation or withdrawal process. The plants draw water from river, ocean or a lake to cool the steam and then return all of it at higher temperatures. However, the latest method used by the power plants regarding the management of water usage is the Cooling Tower Blowdown treatment.

Water usage in power plants

The use of water requirements for power plants merely depends on the weather, technology or climate conditions. All technologies make use of a modest amount of water while most of the companies use various cooling towers that help to reduce heat from the industry and cool downs the entire plant. The water circulation process often creates issues and perhaps require more water to treat the common problems associated with the blowdown tower.

Blowdown post treatment

Power plants make use of the blowdown post treatment to manage the water usage in the form of ion exchange, which is beneficial. This helps solid and liquid waste to be removed while the treated water returns to the cooling tower and get ready for reusing purpose. The system and integrated technology depend on plant location and particular environmental factors.

Final thoughts

Industries and various power plants must be well aware with the knowledge of cooling tower blowdown treatment. Solving the related problems is essential for the efficiency as well as success of the process. Low cycles, local regulations, water scarcity and the issues, which will challenge the productivity of plant. If the purpose is not accomplished properly, then costly replacements will be required. It is best to decide the right solutions for the treatment and management of water. However, you can take advice from the water treatment specialist who owns proper knowledge about the maintenance of system. The treatment methods and management techniques of water must depend on the power plant needs.