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Imax Battery Chargers Vs Rc Battery Charger


This article is basically a comparison between two chargers. One of them is charger for RC devices and the other one is also used for RC devices like drones, monster trucks, air planes, helicopters and much more. this article is perfectly designed for those who want to buy a quality battery charger for their electronic devices. I hope this will help you out in all possible manners.

Imax B6ac Charger:

Here comes the charger by Imax named as Imax B6ac Charger. This device is charger as well as discharger. This device is compatible to give best input as well as output. Reliable to use for many batteries including Li-Po, Li-ion and many others. Let have a look on its specifications, pros and cons.


  • Compatible to receive AC input from 100-240 V which is about 50–60 Hz.
  • Technically designed to charge 2–20 V Pb batteries.
  • Good to charge 1-15 NiMH, 1-6 Li-Po, LiFe Li-ion batteries.
  • For balancer for 2–6 cells integrated independent lithium battery is available.
  • Great for lithium batteries as it charge faster and provides storage.
  • 1–5.0 A (50 W max) is charge current rate.
  • 1–1.0 A (5 W max) is discharging current rate.
  • Automatic charge termination using delta-peak voltage detection is its unique feature.
  • You can easily store 5 user settings in it.
  • Charging and discharging process in cyclic.
  • 16×2 LCD display is good to use.


  • Good in price.
  • Comes in full range of features.
  • Both Ac as well as Dc inputs are much reliable to charger batteries.


  • Problem with ac input cords.
  • Gets warm easily.
  • Have no ON/Off switch.

RC Battery Charger:

Time to talk about the RC battery charger. The first thing to consider when looking at an RC Battery Charger is how much power it can give and maximum number of cell count it will support. Cell count is easy to find out, and mostly RC battery chargers shows support to at least 6S Li-Po cell counts and up to 15 or more NiCad, NIMH cells. Most of the people become confuse when it comes to the current input as well as out.  Must have a complete check on this point while having a good RC battery. RC batteries are good to use and reliable as well.


Time to conclude my article. As I have tried my best to explain the difference between two batteries, both have some advantages as well as disadvantages. Choose one the, which is suitable for you in all manners.