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Pursuing a Career in Moving Images

Moving Images

The dawning of the digital era has presented different fields of endeavor for artists. The term ‘starving artist’ is null and void for the modern world, where demand for good quality stock photographs, content creation and graphics has increased to keep pace with Internet users each day. All visual artists should consider focusing on moving image generation. This task is both rewarding and challenging.

It is difficult, because you will need to familiarize yourself with the relevant technologies to produce moving images. Using computer generated images, often called CGI, to produce videos and photos requires an understanding of various software technologies. The range of visual products available requires such an understanding of a minimum of two of these technologies. This is because CGI involves the production of dynamic, static 3D or 2D images that can be converted into video games, printed media, movies, adverts, simulators and much more.

Due to the quantity of content and images present on the World Wide Web, the importance of originality and creativity can not be overstated. For artists, this presents a challenging but worthy standard to aspire to. Being acknowledged by peers and creating a highly regarded, viral piece that is visually striking – but thought provoking amongst a plethora of other images – is an accomplishment in itself. This is the type of challenge that a genuine artist would want to accept. CGI offers programmers and artists a whole new medium to explore. In the same way that watercolor or oil painting demands training, CGI content rendition requires precision in its’ execution and planning. Also, it is exceptionally difficult, because producing sharp, clear photos is no longer enough to stand out — many smartphones these days can generate crisp and clear images as well. The thought that goes into planning the piece and generating an outstanding image really needs innovation and creativity. Furthermore, new technologies are entering the market each day, so CGI developers can not rest on their laurels and have to keep up to date with these developments stay competitive.

The advancing digital era has taken the intricacies of photography and content creation to new heights, however it is a sector that is intellectually and financially rewarding in equal measure. If you think that you would enjoy the challenge of reinventing the wheel constantly, this profession could be right up your street. Now is a great time to get started, because social media use will only grow in future, so suitable content for these platforms will be highly sought after.